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Studying at the Academy

Studying at the academy

Throughout their time at the ENSM Academy, students and trainees liaise with the Bureau for Students and Trainees (Bureau Etudes et Formation, BEF) and with the Academy library.

Under the authority of the Academy Director and Educational Assistant, the Bureau is the main contact point between the Academy and the students. It provides the link between the Academy and students for administrative, educational and disciplinary matters.

The Bureau is in charge of welcoming students, following-up and issuance of documents.

Each year, the ENSM Academy provides students with a compehensive Directory of shipping companies, to support their search for cadet training contracts.



“Contribution de vie étudiante et de campus” CVEC is a mechanism funded by students, to help promoting actions and activities related to health, social care, culture, sport or fitness. Fees are set to 92 €.

2021-2022 contributions here: https://cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr/.

Students registering for ENSM shall all contribute to CVEC,  unless granted a fee exemption*.
Fees must be paid prior to registration.
Students may download their fees payment invoice once paid, or once exemption is granted.

Students admitted in 1st year at ENSM Academy shall submit, during registration at the latest, the fees payment invoice or the document justifying fees exemption. Registration can not be finalized without this document.

Students with State funding are usually entitled to a fee exemption. More details here, but even with an exemption, the relevant document shall be presented.  

*Exemptions for:
State-funded students
Students with a refugee status
Students under “protection subsidiaire”
Students registered as asylum seekers and entitled to remain in France


Educational Assistant: Sophie Nevoux

Students Bureau: bef.lehavre@supmaritime.fr

Library, Person in charge : Francoise Gainche

Saint-Malo CAMPUS

Educational Assistant: Christine Jaouen

Students Bureau: bef.saintmalo@supmaritime.fr

Library, Person in charge : Michele Pellizzaro


BEF :  bef.nantes@supmaritime.fr

Library, Person in charge : Alice Ziemski

Marseille CAMPUS

Educational Assistant: Cyril Delher

Students Bureau: bef.marseille@supmaritime.fr

Library, Person in charge: Claude Dalmasso