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Graduation ceremony of the first promotion of ENSM’s engineer-level first class merchant navy officers

visuel ceremonie fin etudes premiere promotion ingenieur ensm

Graduation ceremony

The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) which trains first class merchant navy officers for all merchant ships, under all flags and on all the seas worldwide, has delivered for the first time, at the end of the year, a double degree: the DESMM (higher studies of the merchant navy diploma) and an engineer–level degree, to its fifth year students (M2)

The school has honoured their achievement on Thursday 15th December on the Le Havre campus, in the course of a graduation ceremony. Gildas Maire, president of Armateurs de France, Edouard Philippe, Le Havre’s mayor, a few shipowners, future employers and the graduates’ families were present 10 quai Frissard.

The graduates will hold different positions onboard : mate, chief officer, fourth, third and second engineer, purser, chief engineer, master and will operate the ships.

Graphique d'étude sur les types de navigaton sur lesquels les élèves ont navigué

When 90% of the goods are transported by sea all around the world, ENSM’s students will operate container-carriers, ferries, crude oil tankers, cable layers, chemical tankers, gas carriers, tugs, supply vessels…

The 153 students of the first engineer-level promotion have chosen to carry out a job which requires passion, the ability to handle great responsibilities and a high level of autonomy, with multicultural crews.

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