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The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) is a scientific, cultural and professional public institution. (ESCP) created October 1, 2010, by the Decree 2010-1129, 28 September 2010 under the authority of the Ministry of the Sea.
The French Maritime Academy (ENSM) is administered by a board of directors, chaired by Hervé Moulinier.

It is headed by Patrice Laporte, managing director of ENSM.
Evelyne Iliou is the Deputy managing director.

The Board of Education Director, the Directors of each location, and Department Heads are appointed by the Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Education exercises its function in accordance with the provisions of Article 712-6 of the education code.
A technical committee has been made up and also a Committee of Hygiene , Safety and working condions and a CCP

Download the Organizational chart of ENSM.

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The Departments


Jérôme Gaboriau, Quality Controller, ensures ENSM’s quality approach (link to the department)


Muriel Mironneau is director of the ENSM’s PR and communications.

Human Resources

Françoise Roumegou is Head of the Human Resources department. The HR department contributes to the implementation of the projected job management policy, staff management policy (with tenure, with a contract…) and their career path. It also contributes to the policy on management and monitoring of the wage bill as well as the social action management. It draws up and implements the staff vocational training policy.
Françoise Roumegou leads the dialogue between employers and trade unions through the consultation bodies.

General Secretary

Reporting to the Managing Director, General Secretary and Sylvie Pastol, Deputy General Secretary, coordinate and manage the administrative departments of the school: budget and finances, information systems and heritage.

As a member of the management team, the General Secretary contributes to the elaboration of the different policies and to their operational implementation. He draws up, implements and ensures the monitoring of the financial, assets and information systems management and performance indicators. He is in charge of the preparation of the files, the follow-up of the board’s decisions and the elections of the latter. He ensures the regulations for monitoring and legal control are followed. He manages the grants’ commission and exceptional aids to the students.
Budget and Finance Department, head of department: Bruno Maucuit

The department organises and carries out the ENSM’s budget which represents €24 million. It implements the budget policy. It proposes and applies the criteria for the sharing out of the financial resources. It coordinates and ensures the monitoring for the subsidy requests. It ensures payment of invoices, controls and organises public procurement and carries out the purchases of fixed assets and the calculation of depreciation.
Information and Communication systems department, head of department :

The department carries out the design and the implementation of the information and communication systems development plan. It provides the digital resources supplies and supports (applications and infrastructures) :
- Infrastructures : voice and data networks (active links and equipment)
- Devices : management of stock, servers, work stations, telephones, printing systems…
- Software : work station applications (office automation, …), Web applications, diaries.

It ensures the support with the use and evolution of the administrative management tools :
- Applications for financial and accounting management, human resources, schooling and student life, documentation, heritage…
- Programme control (structures and persons)
- Implementation and monitoring of the computing safety policy.

Technological development

Heritage Department, Head of Department : Sylvie Pastol
The department manages the creation and the monitoring of the long term real estate strategy. It details and implements the policy concerning the heritage maintenance in collaboration with the different campuses and manages the different projects of construction, facilities and renovation. It carries out the computerisation of the real estate heritage and its monitoring. It deals with the real estate heritage and its development through occupancy conventions. It ensures the respect of the regulations for the schools welcoming the public. It manages the ENSM’s fleet of vehicles.

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