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Direction des études

Direction des études

The department is managed by Thierry Champion, based in Le Havre.

Départements d’enseignement

The Education Departments, organised according to the different programmes, are managed by department Heads elected by the department lecturers, assisted by a department council.

Engineer programme L in Marseille : Head – Ivan Hassler
Engineer programme M in Le Havre : Head – Ivan D’Alba
Marine Engineering (EGN/DMO) in Nantes : Head – Mathilde Valiere
Engine programme, in Saint-Malo : Head – Pierre Giquel
Deck / International programme in Le Havre : Head – Jean-Paul Guénolé

The ENSM relies on around 200 lecturers and visiting lecturers on the four different campuses: Le HavreSaint-MaloNantes and Marseille.
The repartition scheme affects the different courses delivered by the ENSM on the four campuses.